Once upon a time…


here were children who loved to read books and especially enjoyed it when grown ups read books to them before they went to bed. However, they decided that it was time that they created their own stories. That they should be the ones “reading” bedtime stories to their parents. All they needed was a kickstart.

That was the exact moment when Kitrino Patini rolled up to help them! And it brought six sets of Storytelling Cards. They were titled “Once Upon A Story“!

From this time onwards, all kids became little “authors”. They created their own stories and then they illustrated them, as well. And with their friends made fantastic theatre plays!

“Kitrino Patini” means “Yellow Scooter”

(in case you were wondering)

The idea is simple: NO RULES! Because there are no rules in the imagination, right? Right! However, we do suggest the easiest way to create a story. Just pull one card from each of the seven groups of cards. Each group bears one of the colours of the rainbow. And each colour represents a key element of your story. Red for the hero, Orange for the place, Yellow for the task, Green for the obstacle, Light blue for the ally, Blue for the magic object and, finally, Purple for a happy end. Easy, right?
Like we said, there are NO RULES in the imagination. So you can alter the way we suggested as much as you like. Be creative! That’s the idea!

The sets available are the following:

  1. Fantasy Island, with pirates, mermaids and creatures of the deep blue sea!
  2. Magic Kingdom, focused on recognising and handling sentiments and feelings.
  3. Snout Stories, with cats, dogs and other animals, domestic or not.
  4. Fairy Tale Salad, which blends together all your favourite heroes from well known fairy tales.
  5. Fairy Tale Land, with people and creatures straight from the land of Fantasy.
  6. Mythology, with gods, creatures and heroes from the Greek Mythology.

The Mythology set includes 56 cards (instead of 49) and also includes a leaflet with a few words regarding each card (for those not familiar with the Greek mythology).

All sets include instructions and scientific background leaflets.

All are in Greek except the Mythology set which has been translated in English.

The actual flash cards bear no text so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Fantasy Island

With pirates, mermaids and other creatures of the deep blue sea.

For children 3-12 yo.

Magic Kingdom

Focused on feelings and emotions. Promotes empathy and emotion handling.

For children 3-12 yo.

Snout Stories

Filled with dogs, cats and other domestic -or not- animals. Promotes animal welfare and ecology.

For children 3-12 yo.

Fairytale Salad

Based on Rodari’s fairytale salad. Blends characters from the most favourite fairy tales.

For children 3-12 yo.

Fairytale Land

With characters and creatures from the land of fantasy. Very generic and easy to play.

For children 3-12 yo.


With characters and creatures from the Greek Mythology. Includes 56 cards (instead of 49) and a leaflet with a short description of each card. English version available.

For children 5-12 yo.

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Documents are in PDF format.

Scientific background
Press release

Great tool for language development, imagination and socialization!
No kindergarten should be without it.

Nancy Apostolou

kindergarten teacher

This little magic box is a real helper every time! You open it up and amazing characters, places, objects, dreams and obstacles are popping out, exactly what we need to embark on a new adventure!

Xenia Ousakova


A game that tickles the imagination of everyone regardless of age and language! Working with children in Greece and Scotland, I saw the excitement in their eyes as they became fairy tale makers and saw their thoughts come true!

Iris Sofikiti

english teacher

See how it works

Children books author and illustrator Liana Denezaki demonstrates how to play with the Once Upon A Story Storytelling Cards in this video. English subtitles are available.

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About the creators

Manos Krokos is the creator of Once Upon A Story. He has a quite long experience in graphic and web design, web development as well as digital apps for children, some of which have been translated in eight languages. With his spouse, Liana Denezaki, they have visited many schools in Greece and abroad and made workshops of creative writing with children.

Liana Denezaki is the illustrator of Once Upon A Story. She is a renowned children books author and illustrator. She has written 21 books and illustrated more than 200. Liana has received many awards and has participated in international programmes like the 100 mirrors in Zaragoza.